Which force of nature do you call upon to help you through major changes in your life?

Each person has an element that is their strength, we all have all of the qualities represented in the four categories, but one set of characteristics will feel more comfortable. When going through major change we slip into auto pilot and go with what is easiest so we will rely most heavily on our predominant “element”.

Each change has specific phases that can also be broken into the same four elements. When we are feeling aimless and not sure where we want to go next. When we are formulating a goal we are in water.

  • When you are feeling aimless and not sure where you want to go next. When you are formulating a goal you are in water.
  • Once you know what you want to do you move into earth and start planning and detailing out what its going to take to get the job done.
  • When you move into action and break ground or start school you have entered the fire, the most dangerous time in any project.
  • Once complete, you get to celebrate with a grand opening, or a graduation party, often getting a chance to share your story, this is air. Celebrate!

When taking this quiz if you answer with what has been true for you through the majority of your life. Your result will reflect the element that you are most comfortable with.

If you answer with what is most appealing for you today, your result will reflect which phase of change you are currently moving through.

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Which quality is most important to you?

Which scene are you most drawn to?

Which Season do you prefer?

Which color appeals to you most

Which scent do you prefer to have around you?

How often do you find yourself day dreaming?

What do you usually do with your great idea?

Which of the following are you most guilty of?

Which of the following is you at your best?

Which animal do you prefer?

At my best, I am a....

My favorite part of any big change is,

If I had to admit to anything short of perfection, I guess my biggest pitfall is