4 Things Required to Make Lasting Change

At any given moment most people report being dissatisfied with at least one of the following areas of their life.

  • They feel like their relationship needs an overhaul.
  • Or they feel chronically short of money to do the things they want to do.
  • Career dissatisfaction often makes the list.
  • Followed by feelings of being out of control, binging, or over-indulgence.

When asked if nothing changed for 10 years, would they be content?

The answer was a unanimous, NO!

When asked if nothing changed for 5 years, would they be okay with that result?

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3 Things Life Has Taught Me

Three things life has taught me that I’m excited to share are:

1.) We are always creating.

2.) Surrender is an act of power.

3.) There are no guru’s, you are the only expert on you.

*1) You do not have to like the events or the condition your life is in to be the one who has manifested them. If you’re not happy with conditions in your life you need to change what you are doing.

The thoughts, actions, and beliefs of yesterday created your current conditions. Therefore the thoughts, actions, and beliefs you take today will sow the seeds of your future.

Lucky for you they’re interconnected; actions are the easiest to change. There is a saying, “you can’t think your way to good living, but you can act your way to it.”

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Dream ✻ Believe ✻ Create ✻ Succeed


Anything you…

       Ardently desire,

            Vividly imagine,

                 Sincerely believe,

                      and Enthusiastically act upon…

Must inevitably come to pass

Were you hoping for magic? This is magic. Anytime I have ever applied this formula or witnessed anyone else apply it in their lives, it has worked. Sometimes it will work if only three of the required ingredients are present, but more than likely the truth is that one of the ingredients was so second nature to the desire that it seemed effortless. Continue reading “Dream ✻ Believe ✻ Create ✻ Succeed”

The Stories We Tell… and Why They Are Worth Examining

I recently co-facilitated a retreat with my friend KC Bushnell, part of the weekend was devoted to playing with and proving that our energy affects our surroundings. We used energy experiments from the book by Pam Grout titled E2. The book is a series of experiments designed to demonstrate a few of the countless ways that energy is flowing in our lives. It reminds us that we can use our conscious thought and choices to direct that energy in order to live the life of our highest potential. Continue reading “The Stories We Tell… and Why They Are Worth Examining”