Dream ✻ Believe ✻ Create ✻ Succeed


Anything you…

       Ardently desire,

            Vividly imagine,

                 Sincerely believe,

                      and Enthusiastically act upon…

Must inevitably come to pass

Were you hoping for magic? This is magic. Anytime I have ever applied this formula or witnessed anyone else apply it in their lives, it has worked. Sometimes it will work if only three of the required ingredients are present, but more than likely the truth is that one of the ingredients was so second nature to the desire that it seemed effortless.

This must be a hearts desire! not a desire because someone else thinks it would be good for you, or you think it will be a means to an end. This has to be a no doubt about it, don’t care what others think or say, I know this is what I want for my life kind of desire. The mind is not a required ingredient, in fact its presence can be fatal to many a hearts desire. Does your heart race when you think about it? Do you almost want to squeal with delight at the thought of this in your life? Good, squeal away, you are on the right track. Most of us have such a conflicted relationship with cold hard cash, that the thought of a pile of money produces so much anxiety, guilt, or even feelings of lack that most people cannot actually hold a desire for money in their hearts like a child, so holding an actual event or item in your hearts desire will produce much better results.


What does vividly imagine mean? Can you see it in your head, it is so real that you close your eyes and there is is, playing out in the theater of your imagination? I am giving you permission to daydream. Remember how much trouble you used to get into for drifting off in class and gazing out the window, dreaming of where you really wanted to be, and doing what you really wanted to do. The more real you can make your imagery, the more detailed, the better. Not to be confused with detailing out how this will come about. In the imagery phase we are only concerned with the end result. For example if I am dreaming of getting a dog, and I keep visualizing me going to the pet store on the corner and paying for a pedigreed pooch, I may be holding up the process. The cornucopia of abundance in my life may already be loaded with the dog of my dreams being given up by an associate moving out of state. My certainty of how my dream will manifest may actually hold up the process. Our job is to dream and release control of how the dream will be fulfilled.

Another place you can get stuck in the manifestation recipe, is the need to sincerely believe your dream is possible in your life. When I was 28 I decided it was time to fulfill one of my lifelong desires and get a dog. I had always lived in apartments, so it was time to look for a house with a yard for the dog. I had poor credit from a Christmas shopping fiasco that was not very far in my past at the time. I also had no savings for a down payment so I knew that buying a house was out of the question, but I didn’t see any reason I could not rent.

Just the idea of me considering houses as a living option, produced so much fear, I would get anxious and worry that I was millimeters away from being homeless on the streets. I still had my career, and had not given notice at my apartment, so I was no nearer homelessness than I had been before I decided to honor my desire to get a dog. This is an example of a self perpetuating glass ceiling that can get in the way of creating the life we desire. For me it went something like, “Who am I to have everything I desire in my life?”

Due to a huge influence by my sister, I came up with a mantra that helped ease the anxiety. It included God even though I distrusted the Dumbledore in the sky more than I had words for. It went something like this. “God, there are as many ways to get a house as there are people, throughout time, living or dead who have ever gotten a house, and you put those ideas in their heads. I am one person with 28 years of experience and only the stories of the people I have come into contact with. I avail myself to the billions of possible way to get a house that are available to me through you. Amen”

I will skip the details because they do nothing to the fact that within 45 days I was moving into my first house that I purchased with no down-payment. All I paid was the attorney’s fees for drawing up the contract and the first months mortgage and escrow payment. So I went from not believing it was possible for me, to finding a way to believe it could also be possible for me, and in relatively short time I had manifested the house and the dog, a Harlequin Great Dane puppy named Wilson.


Enthusiastically acting upon something is quite similar to work. But, there is so much joy involved, that it can sometimes not feel like work at all. The times that we do have to something that is truly difficult for us, the motivating desire is so strong it takes us straight through the “gotta dos”. My husband had a heart’s desire to start his own underground construction company. For many reasons, it was not happening unless I was 100% on board. I was not. I had seen what his previous efforts had produce before we were married and I had no desire to move on to that page.

Again it was a desire for a dog… My career had gotten in the way of Wilson’s upbringing, after a year it was obvious that he was getting the short end of the deal. I found him a stay at home mom with 3 boys, Mastiffs and Horses on eight acres in the country to make up for my poor planning in the doggy arena. This time I was in Florida working in IT with an hour commute each way and stopping by the gym on the way home. If I was going to get another dog it had to be because the business had taken off and I could work the office end of it from home and have my dog with me.

Once I had my hearts desire firmly in place, I set about refinancing my house for the initial investment in what became Advanced Underground Inc. I filed the articles of incorporation and worked two jobs for a year, learning the ins and outs of construction industry liens, surveys, AIA invoicing, and prevailing wage documentation, in my free time until we were comfortable that the company was consistently profitable. Two months after I quit my j-o-b I got Riley, my hearts delight. My efforts and contribution were part of my husbands heart’s desire, and his heart’s desire was a seed toward my ability to achieve my heart’s desire.


Riley passed away March 8th, 2013 of lymphoma I had nine and a half great years with that dog, I thought we would have so many more than that. I have grieved him, and as time goes by I feel him more and more consistently with me. Because these things are no longer in my life has nothing to do with the fact that they were my heart’s desire at the time.  I have learned that the universe has no attachment to the “what” or the form of our heart’s desire, only that we are truly certain that it is what is right for us.

I invite you to enjoy being someone that chooses: loving your life, adoring yourself, accepting the world, being grateful every day, and experiencing being provided for by a generous and loving universe.

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