About Lesley

Creative, intelligent, visionary, courageous and persistent…


I bought my first house when I was 28 years old, and I was hooked. It was a fixer upper and all I could think about when I was at work was the renovations I was doing on the house. It immediately went into my blood.

Five years later when I got married and moved to Florida, I sold that house for twice what I paid for it. This was long before the housing bubble started and results like that began to look rather lame.

In the early years did creative things to get the work done, for a couple of years I had a roommate who rented the basement and did one $6000 project a year in lieu of rent. He was able to save money for a down payment on his own home, and I got work done that I couldn’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for at the time, that arrangement worked well for both of us. This story is here to remind you that there are all sorts of creative ways to accomplish your goals when you want them bad enough.

Once I was married and living in Florida, I painted every room in our home, twice. By the time we sold it I had renovated every room in it. I also bought, held and renovated a duplex, a vacation rental on the beach in St Augustine, and built out commercial offices for our business.

I used to work I.T. for a citrus wholesaler in Florida and most of the work day one of my browser windows was open to Zillow or Realtor.com… I love real estate. I love designing, decorating, renovating and rehabbing. I have many interesting little stories that feel to me as though I am communicating with the house while I am working on it.

Every house has a story, I tend to be sensitive to that story… and it helps that neighbors are always willing to talk. Since I am working on distressed properties, they often have painful stories that include their own loss. I see it as my job to love them back to life and then release them to their new family. I know that the work I do on every house spreads out a little bit into the neighborhood, at the very least increasing property values, but I hope that it also spreads renewed hope and energy to each community that I touch.

…and, in case you haven’t noticed, I love dogs. This is my renovation buddy Stetson, a one year old Wheaten Terrier.

He was extremely difficult to train because the trouble he gets into is so funny that I am usually laughing while trying to correct him. Being a dog, he picks up on my laughter more than the meaning of my words.