3 Things Life Has Taught Me

Three things life has taught me that I’m excited to share are:

1.) We are always creating.

2.) Surrender is an act of power.

3.) There are no guru’s, you are the only expert on you.

*1) You do not have to like the events or the condition your life is in to be the one who has manifested them. If you’re not happy with conditions in your life you need to change what you are doing.

The thoughts, actions, and beliefs of yesterday created your current conditions. Therefore the thoughts, actions, and beliefs you take today will sow the seeds of your future.

Lucky for you they’re interconnected; actions are the easiest to change. There is a saying, “you can’t think your way to good living, but you can act your way to it.”

Don’t wait for the feeling to change. Change the behavior and the rest takes care of itself. Bring the body and the mind will follow. This is the only way to change your future.

Simple; but not easy.

*2) Surrender is the simple act of acknowledging and accepting conditions exactly as they are. Pushing against events or people, hoping they’ll change, makes a person miserable.

I cannot change the thoughts, actions, or beliefs of anyone else. I can only change my attitude, and reactions, to other people, places, and things.

Accept a situation for exactly what it is, and what it isn’t. People don’t tell you who they are, they show you. If you’re in a state of cognitive dissonance because someone’s words don’t match their actions… the problem isn’t you.

You have the power to respond to the truth of the situation if you pay attention to the way people show up.

Then act accordingly.

*3) We are all whole and complete. We do not need anyone to “fix” us. Anyone who sees you as broken, or acts as the expert on you, is not doing you any favors. You have all the wisdom you need to reach a state of health and happiness.

The truth is, our society isn’t designed to support your journey to health and happiness, it’s structured to condition you to conform and fit in.

Another cog in the great wheel.

Even psychology is designed to pick you up after a breakdown, and get you wrapped back up. Get you back to the state you were before, so you can go back, fit in to the giant machine of our society.

During the industrial age, there was a place for all the “cogs in the wheel” but we are leaving, most likely already left, the industrial age. Fitting in doesn’t offer the security and benefits that it once did.

What incentive is there to continue living repressed and depressed, trying to play by rules that no longer fit the times? What if that “breakdown” is really a path to wholeness?

What if it’s the first step in dropping all the layers that have been put on you, unwinding the trauma, and finding your own natural state of wholeness?

Psychology can’t help with that. It wraps you back up.

Gurus can’t help with that, they just fashion you into a cog for their wheel.

It is time for us to stand in our individuality. The best cure for the breakdown is being seen, being recognized as whole and complete even in the depths of it, and being loved and accepted exactly as you are.

Right now it’s still a pretty narrow path, but it is getting wider every day, I have been on it for over 20 years and I see more “mainstream” people exploring and embracing paths of alternative healing than ever before.

If you’ve been twisting yourself out of shape, repressing your true self out of fear of rejection, and your depressed and anxious, it might be time to step out of the machine and onto the path.

It’s likely that all you need is someone a couple of steps further on that path, who can act as your guide…

My greatest dream is to witness humanity wake up to the power and potential that is our birthright and ACT!


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