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We rehab homes in Kansas City, Missouri.

On the East side of Troost; from furnaces to foundations, roofs, electric, and plumbing, we do it all. We also add quality custom kitchens and baths, with designer colors and floors.

Our goal is to give people with tighter budgets a wonderful place to call home and a good 30 more years of life to the beautiful historic homes that make this city the unique and wonderful place that it is.

Rent is getting expensive, and interest rates are still low, making this a good time for anyone who has the desire to buy a home. But that is the same thing that is driving prices through the roof. Houses in Brookside, Waldo, and Hyde Park have skyrocketed out of the first time home buyer range.

We provide another option.

Everyone loves our homes, but that doesn’t mean they are right for everybody,

People who are blazing their own trails, who want a quality home at a third of the price, they aren’t attached to the status of a neighborhood, but they like and want a quality home in the city, those are the people who are right for our homes.


1)  Call and setup an appointment.

2) View available homes and make your own home selection before the rebuild process begins.

3) Complete the paper work for your home purchase.

4) We will work with you to create the repair list on your home.

5) CLOSING – do the final home walk-through and deliver your keys.

You don’t have to be in the market for a home to work with me.

If you spend any time on the east side of Troost, then you know what’s happening. And, if you’re over there and you learn of a good house that’s available but not on the market, tell me about it, and you could earn a finders fee.


Need To Sell?

We Buy Houses!

We purchase distressed homes for cash, no inspections, no warranties from the seller. We purchase in as is condition. We can close within 2 weeks from receipt of necessary paper work. We buy homes in any price range. We respond to all leads within 24hrs.

Call (816) 654-2521 to find out more.


 Some Before and After Images:



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